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Chinelo Lynda Okeke

Clinical Psychologist

Chinelo Lynda Okeke is a Clinical Psychologist, Psychotherapist and Addiction Therapist. She is a trained therapist in addiction with the UNODC Treatment program for Addiction and Associated problems. She holds a Master’s degree in Clinical Psychology from the Premier University of Ibadan. She is the founder of ElixirSalve Consult, a mobile psychological service. She is a Mental Health Advocate whose passion is to help children, teenagers and adults with history of abuse and other traumatic experiences. She is passionate about research in women’s psychological health, Addiction and General Mental health. She features regularly at conferences, Television, radio programs, religious and corporate organizations. She utilises her knowledge in Organizational Psychology to influence productivity and Effectiveness via the Employee Assistance Program (EAP)at the workplace. She volunteers With Committee for the Defence of Human Rights(CDHR),Program Officer with Reconnect HDI, Lagos Chapter among others.

Chinelo is a member of the Nigerian Psychological Association, Nigerian Association of Clinical Psychologist and also a member of the International Society of Substance Use Professionals. She has more than 5years experience in handling mild and severe mental health problems, Relationship problems and anger management. She works as the Lead Clinical Psychologist at Synapse Services Lagos Unit.

She loves travelling, singing, dancing and volunteering.