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Mental Health Nurse/Consultant Psychotherapist

Josiah Jackson-Okesola is a licensed professional nurse clinician with specialty in Mental Health. He holds certifications from the American Heart Association (AHA) in Basic Life Support (BLS) and Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS). He is practicing psychotherapist, adolescent and family mental health counsellor, public health advocate and digital media broadcaster. His major expertise in the mental health field covers psychological first aid, adolescent crisis intervention, substance abuse counselling and therapy,

Neurological repartterning for addicted youths or sexually abused victims and general family mental health education, counselling and therapy. He is certified as a Peer Health Educator by UNICEF; as a Marriage Mentor and Relationship Coach from The Institute of Marriage and Family Affairs (TIMFA, USA); bagged International Award in Delivering Training (IADT) from the London Professional Training Centre; and a Diploma in Leadership in Health & Management from Washington University. He also holds specialty certifications as a Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming with focus on Neurological Repatterning and Results Technology. In recognition of his contribution in the field of health advocacy, he earned his first international award from the highest global nursing body, the International Council of Nurses, Geneva, Switzerland in the ICN Wellness Contest. He has been actively involved in the School Mental Health project Healthy Life for Peers in Schools (HELP in Schools) through which he has helped many school teenagers and parents combat the burdening effects of substance abuse and teenage depression. He coordinates the Mental Health Department, Nurses on Air Foundation and also hosts an online health radio program, Helpline with Jay, a youth and family focused mental health radio show offering psychological first aid to families.

His innovative exploits in the field of health advocacy and media broadcasting recently earned him and his team of Nurse-Broadcasters, the prestigious Nigeria Healthcare Excellence Award 2019 (Media Broadcast Category). He currently coordinates the Nursing Now Global Campaign in Nigeria, a 3-year global advocacy campaign project powered by the World Health Organization (WHO) and International Council of Nurses (ICN). His major passion and interest in the mental health field lies in the sphere of adolescent and family mental health challenges and the psycho-social impact on the society.

Josiah Jackson-Okesola (popularly called Jayjay) is happily married to his best friend, Lizzy Jackson-Okesola an extraordinary Mental Health Educator and Substance Abuse Counsellor.